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Stackbot brings in more leads and sales for your business, right on your website. Meet the powerful tool that make it possible.

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“This will drastically change the way we sell our product online. For the better.”

Brad Larsen, Digital Marketplace Manager

Increase Your Sales

A variety of studies have shown that engaging people in conversation-type scenarios is a guaranteed way to increase sales.

‘Chat’ with your users through automated a/b conversations to effortlessly improve your sales and engage your visitors. 

COMPATIBLEWith all Website and eCommerce frameworks

Integrate Anywhere

Embed Stackbot on your site using a simple .js code.
We’ve made it super simple to display – literally anywhere on the web.

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24/7 Stackbot Operates All Day and Night

1-Time Setup

Write a smart and witty user interaction story for visitors on your website, once. Watch your conversions increase.

Collect More Emails

Push more traffic to your subscriber lists

Your visitors are more likely to trust you with their email information after engaging in an entertaining a/b conversation

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“Stackbot is one of those rare marketing gems that, if used correctly, can literally double your sales. Impressive.”

Shawn Halbeck, eCommerce Store Owner